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Reference Projects  
02. Mar 2024 - content
Reference projects Every year, we successfully implement a multitude of projects and research initiatives. In doing so, we merge extensive expertise, years of experience, and a passionate team spirit  
15. Feb 2024 - file
PROCEEDINGS 11th US/German Workshop on Salt Repository Research, Design, and Operation 2021 BGE TEC 2021-19 Tagungsband PROCEEDINGS 11th US/German Workshop on Salt Repository Research, Design, and  
Insights and progress: The BGE TECHNOLOGY newsletter at the start of 2024  
02. Feb 2024 - news
From international collaboration to innovative projects - we provide insights into our work and progress  
Publications database  
22. Dec 2023 - content
Publications database Publications represent a significant aspect of our work. Over 200 reports are available for free download in our publication database. In our database, you will find publication  
BGE TECHNOLOGY GmbH supports IAEA in Preparing a Document on Site Selection Criteria  
01. Dec 2023 - news
Effective site selection criteria contribute significantly to a deep geological repository (DGR) program, as they support an effective discrimination of regions at the successive stages of site screen  
11th HotBENT Partner Meeting in Braunschweig  
30. Nov 2023 - news
International bentonite experts come together in Braunschweig to shape the future of radioactive waste disposal.  
First Meeting between BGE/BGE TECHNOLOGY GmbH and KORAD  
29. Nov 2023 - news
Pioneering meeting between Germany and South Korea marks the start of a promising partnership in nuclear waste management  
Latest insights into Radioactive Waste Disposal: BGE TECHNOLOGY GmbH's Q4 Newsletter  
13. Nov 2023 - Newsletter , syscat22 , news
We are happy to announce the release of our fourth newsletter in 2023, filled with the latest advancements and initiatives in the field of radioactive waste management and geological disposal. In thi  
Strengthening relations with Japanese organizations  
01. Nov 2023 - news
BGE TEC is pleased to announce the renewal of our cooperation agreement with the Japanese organization specialized in radioactive waste management RWMC for the next 5 years. In November 2023, our tea  
Support Structures for a GDF in Claystone  
01. Sept 2023 - news
Within the R&D project AGEnT (the German acronym for support structures for mine openings in HLW repositories in claystone) BGE TECHNOLOGY GmbH together with DMT GmbH & Co. KG already started  
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