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Special solutions for the mining and construction industry

Mining activities are essential in the construction, operation, and decommissioning of repositories for radioactive waste. Our know-how in mining is based on the experience of our parent company gained in operating the Morsleben repository and the Asse mine and in converting the Konrad mine into a repository. The construction and operation of the Gorleben mine also contributes to this extensive experience. Our wide expertise in salt mining opens up synergies with relevant aspects of cavern construction.

We have experience in mining for raw material extraction as well as in planning and safety-related demonstrations of underground repositories for chemotoxic waste. Our special expertise in salt mining is complemented by our experience in mining in sedimentary and crystalline rock as well as in surface mining. The skills of our employees in the manifold disciplines of geosciences, natural sciences, and engineering are not only applied in the field of waste management; we also make them available for activities in the mining and construction industry.

This includes the identification of operational safety aspects and the preparation of related safety analyses, the performance of THM model calculations to assess stability, the development of special construction materials and lining and sealing systems, as well as the design, realisation, and testing of special-purpose machines. Especially, for remediation, stabilising of mine workings, and safe closure of abandoned parts BGE TECHNOLOGY GmbH can provide robust and comprehensive solutions.

Our range of expertise includes:
  • Site investigations and site exploration
  • Mining concepts, designs and technology analogous for facilities, systems, and components in cavern construction
  • Operation of mines and cavern facilities
  • Safety technology and safety analyses
  • Geotechnical surveying technology for exploration, surveying, and monitoring
  • Closure of mines and boreholes
  • Licensing and supervisory procedures according to mining law
  • Environmental Impact Assessment


  • Environmental impact study for the mining district of San Rafael (Argentina)
  • Surveying of the Etzel cavern facility
  • Construction of the Herren tunnel (Lübeck, Germany)
  • Expert review of the former air-raid shelter Hemberg (Salzgitter, Germany)