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The application of nuclear technologies generates radioactive waste throughout the world. Our motivation is to ensure the safe disposal of this waste – regardless of economic interests. To this end, we offer services relating to the disposal of radioactive waste and spent fuel elements as well as to associated issues. We develop concepts for repositories for radioactive waste and test, for example, new technologies and processes. We have developed, investigated and tested new recipes for materials that can be used for backfilling and sealing activities.

Among our customers are waste management organisations, energy suppliers as well as ministries and authorities, international organisations, and research institutions. We participate in generic research projects but also provide tailored solutions for specific applications in repository projects and use our expertise for consulting services for mining projects.

As an independent subsidiary of Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE), we can ensure that our parent company's experience in the planning, development, construction, operation, and closure of repositories is available for all our activities. This practical background is of particular benefit to our customers and partners. At the same time, we are well aware that it is imperative to take into account the individual, customer-specific requirements. In cooperation with our customers and partners, we thus develop tailor-made solutions for all issues related to the final disposal of radioactive waste. We are well-connected throughout the world. Through participation in repository projects all over the world, exchange with international experts, and cooperation with international organisations (e.g. IAEA and OECD/NEA) we are always up to date on what is going on in the different disposal programmes. This ensures that we can always take into account the international state of the art in science and technology. We are able to provide general and specific information about international projects and current events.

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