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Near-surface Repositories

In Germany, the safety strategy requires to dispose all kinds of radioactive waste in repository mines. In many countries, however, low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste is disposed of in near-surface repositories. While the safety concept of repository mines is mainly based on the "containment-providing rock zone", the retention of radioactive substances in near-surface facilities relies mainly on engineered barriers. A lot of experience gained during the construction, operation, and closure of the German repository mines Konrad, Asse, and Morsleben can also be transferred to near-surface repositories. Furthermore, BGE TECHNOLOGY GmbH has been cooperating for many years with various waste management organisations (e.g. ENRESA, ANDRA, SKB) operating such facilities as well as with companies developing and constructing such facilities. Against this background, we are able to develop solutions for near surface repositories tailor made for the client’s needs and requirements.

Our range of expertise includes:
  • Planning and conceptual design of near-surface repositories for low-level radioactive waste taking into account the radioactive waste inventory, national legal framework, respective site conditions and geology
  • Detailed technical design and preparation of documentation needed for licensing and procurement of construction work, taking into account all relevant boundary conditions (inventory, geology, regulatory framework, safety concepts, operational/technical requirements, etc.)
  • Long-term and operational safety analyses of near-surface repositories


  • Improvement of the infrastructure for radioactive waste management in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – Safety assessment of near-surface repository Buryakovka (Ukraine)
  • Feasibility study of enlargement of the National Repository at Mochovce (Slovak Republic)
  • Technical design and preparation of an intermediate safety assessment report for the national repository for radioactive waste near Kozloduy (Bulgaria)
  • Design of a near-surface repository at Al-Thuwaitha (Iraq)