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Disposal Technology and Special-purpose Machines

Based on our many years of experience in the fields of disposal and repository technology, we are able to solve challenging tasks in the planning and realisation of special-purpose vehicles, special equipment, and monitoring or supply facilities. Our expertise covers all relevant systems and components of a repository.

Our expertise in the field of repository technology includes:
  • Based on the repository design and the design requirements, we develop the systems and components of the necessary repository technology until they are ready for licensing.
  • We demonstrate their technical feasibility and compliance with all safety requirements for their subsequent application in repository operations.
  • We adapt mining or civil engineering components, such as shaft hoisting equipment as well as wheel-driven and rail-bound vehicles, to the special requirements of a repository.
  • We also adapt control, supply, electrical, and monitoring systems accordingly.
  • We develop new technical solutions for special disposal tasks; e.g., the emplacement of radioactive waste containers or the sealing of emplacement drifts and boreholes, and refine them until they are ready for licensing.
  • We are also involved in the development of containers for the transport, interim storage, and disposal of radioactive materials.


  • Support of BGE in the Konrad project
  • Design of a HLW repository in bedded salt formations (R&D project KOSINA)
  • Design of a HLW repository in clay formations (R&D projects ERATO and ANSICHT)
  • Development of a repository concept for heat-generating radioactive waste in German crystalline formations (R&D project KONEKD)
  • Preliminary safety analysis of the Gorleben site (VSG)
  • Feasibility studies for repository concepts in Belgium, Bulgaria and Irak