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Due to our many years of activities in all areas of radioactive waste management, we have acquired extensive expertise, which we also make available to our clients in our consulting services. All tasks are carried out by our experienced team in accordance with the state of the art and always specific to the respective project.

Our range of services includes:
  • Consulting of private and public institutions on all aspects of radioactive waste management, including concepts concerning organisation, waste management financing, and legislative recommendations 
  • Development or optimisation of technical concepts and operational planning for the management of radioactive waste including its disposal
  • Technical feasibility studies of plantsfacilities, systems, or components for the disposal of radioactive waste
  • Preparation of safety demonstrations for above-ground and underground structures as well as demonstrations of stability of the mine workings
  • Assessment of existing disposal concepts for radioactive waste
  • Project definition, planning, management. and final documentation 
    Cost analyses, quality assurance, project monitoring and documentation 
  • Advising on licensing, amendment, and supervising procedures in accordance with the atomic energy act, mining regulations, regulations on environmental impact assessment, water act, and other regulations relevant to the operation of nuclear and mining facilities
  • Advising on public participation procedures and public relations
  • Training programs in all aspects of radioactive waste management