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Drift lining in the Konrad Repository (Germany)

Stable Drift Support for Decades

BGE TEC carries out numerical rock-mechanical analyses for the Konrad Repository

German-Japanese Cooperation

BGE and BGE TEC intensify their cooperation with NUMO

Our first newsletter in 2022 is now online

Repository Research in Crystalline Rock – The CHRISTA-II Project * A New Approach to Using Existing Material Models in any Numerical Code without…

Development and adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods for radioactive waste disposal

BGE TEC addresses the adaptation of AI-methods to the special requirements in project concerning the disposal of radioactive waste

Recut drift section in the Asse II mine

Project SalVE: Molten salts as alternative backfill and sealing materials for a repository in rock salt

BGE TEC is investigating the suitability of Molten Salts to seal repositories in rock salt instantaneously and on a long-term basis

Sealing concepts for shafts and ramps

Shaft or ramp?

R&D project LARYSSA: Langzeitsicherheit von Verschlusssystemen in Schächten und Rampen im Vergleich