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BGE TECHNOLOGY Affirms New Matrix Structure with Renewed Certification

Efficiency Boosted: Our Matrix Structure Takes Center Stage in DIN ISO 9001 Audit

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National Facility for radioactive waste disposal in Norway

Finnish–German-Norwegian expert team (GeoReN) awarded a framework agreement to support Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) in the management of radioactive waste

GeoReN has a unique track record in developing safe solutions for radioactive waste disposal, thus enhancing stakeholder confidence in NND’s…

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12th US/German Workshop on Salt Repository Research, Design and Operation

Following postponement due to Covid-19, US/German Workshop took place face-to-face in Brunswick (Germany) from 6th to 9th September 2022

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Drift lining in the Konrad Repository (Germany)

Stable Drift Support for Decades

BGE TEC carries out numerical rock-mechanical analyses for the Konrad Repository

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Development and Adaptation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Methods for Radioactive Waste Disposal

BGE TEC addresses the adaptation of AI-methods to the special requirements in project concerning the disposal of radioactive waste

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Recut drift section in the Asse II mine

Project SalVE: Molten Salts as Alternative Backfill and Sealing Materials for a Repository in Rock Salt

BGE TEC is investigating the suitability of Molten Salts to seal repositories in rock salt instantaneously and on a long-term basis

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