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Safety Assessments

To protect man and the environment and to ensure safe operation of industrial facilities, the legislator has defined a wide range of requirements for all operators of such facilities. We develop solutions to meet these legally defined safety requirements. Our particular concern in all our work is compliance with the highest safety standards. Our services cover all aspects of nuclear safety, operational safety, environmental protection, and facility safety in mines, caverns, and radioactive waste management facilities.

They include:
  • Problem analyses
  • Demonstrations of stability and functionality of man-made structures
  • Operational safety analyses (occupational safety, mining safety)
  • Accident analyses for operational safety evaluations
  • Long-term safety analyses
  • Operational safety planning
    • Radiation protection concepts
    • Planning of radiological monitoring of operations and of the environment
    • Waste water and exhaust air monitoring
    • Planning for fire protection, electrical engineering, instrumentation and control engineering (I&C)
    • Physical Security of the facility