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Insights and progress: The BGE TECHNOLOGY newsletter at the start of 2024

From international collaboration to innovative projects - we provide insights into our work and progress

We're happy to kick off 2024 with the first issue of our newsletter, presenting our latest achievements and collaborations. Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:

  1. International Cooperation: We're strengthening bonds with Japanese organisations, paving the way for international partnerships in radioactive waste management.
  2. Innovative Research: Dive into our consultancy role in the Sandy Ridge Deep Borehole Research Project.
  3. R&D Excellence: Discover insights from our HITEC project on analyzing analysing high-temperature effects on clay host rocks, an important issue for repository safety.
  4. HotBENT Meeting: Highlights from the 11th HotBENT Partner Meeting in Brunswick, where experts gathered to share their latest findings.
  5. Project PRECODE: Learn about our research in quantifying dilatancy and fluid pressure criteria in crystalline rock formation.

Our newsletter is available to all interested parties in the Media Centre of our website under Media Centre/Newsletter. If you would like a hard copy of the newsletter, please e-mail with your full name and address.